We structure the business strategic plan with the objective to identify the key success factors and the business drivers that the entrepreneur will have to implement in order to grow and improve his business. We also provide state of the art tools to facilitate the plan execution in order to reach operational excellence as well as operational efficiency.


We identify startups with high revenues and profit growth potential, and provide the appropriate assistance to attract interested investors who will provide the funding necessary to the most effective business development.


We offer incremental investment means, linked to the NewCo ecosystem, by making our know-how available with the objective to considerably augment the invested capital, thus ensuring greater chance of business success.

Startups World

Why us?

  • Our interest is always aligned with our customer’s interests
  • We offer expert consultants in conjunction with digital media and communication mentoring services
  • We possess a long term vision: we tackle today’s challenges with an eye on mid-term and long term business opportunities
  • Our professional consultant network adds value to any business by indicating the most effective synergies
  • We operate with a very flexible organizational structure, fully equipped to respond to all of our customers’ needs
  • Our services menu is constantly updated with the latest research and proven best practices available in the market of reference

Startups that we supported in 2015


Innovative service able to provide the entrepreneur with all necessary tools in order to structure and develop their business guided by a pool of experts.

Crowd4Capital is a new crowd funding equity portal, designed to serve start-ups, innovative PMI and investors who are attentive to a changing world and to new business models. The platform allows the selected startups , to be present in a digital form in order to attract investors who are using our platform.

We identify, analyze and develop high growth potential startups by applying the right business model which will allow them to succeed in their business area in a limited time horizon.