Business Plan Development

Our consultancy service foresees as a first step the documentation of a Business Plan. Here are the key reasons:

  • Obtain the financing
  • Obtain the necessary statutory approvals
  • Document all the appropriate business implementation steps
  • Create a performance management guide

The process of the Business plan documentation starts with a context and market analysis in which the entrepreneur will have to operate and develop his business and will include the identification of the key strengths and opportunities that are embedded in the enterprise project.

This activity will lead to a detailed presentation of the business idea, and the articulation of the most effective strategy to support the business development and the economic value creation. With the objective to attract external investors, each project needs to be presented in the best possible way, clearly articulating the value proposition in the chosen market and the strategy that will lead to a successful venture.

To ensure success, a Business Plan must include:

  • A detailed presentation of the project, including the key strengths of the individual entrepreneur and the dedicated team
  • A thorough analysis of the market, its competitive environment and the overall context in which the NewCo will have to develop its business
  • The analysis of 5 specific areas with the objective to determine which segment is the most attractive and how the company will position its product and services
  • The documentation of the marketing strategy that the NewCo will execute to enable the successful Business Development
  • A financial analysis that will include the operating budget as well as the forecast process with a simulation of various business scenarios and outcome

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